Ph.D. Qualifying Written Exam

Ph.D. Qualifying Written Exam

Students must pass exams in 4 topics. Topics must be selected such that two of them are from one subject area and two of them could be from the remaining two subject areas or one of each*. Main subjects and the topics are listed below.
*One of the topics may be selected from the topics of other PhD programs with the approval of the student's adviser.

Subject areas and topics:

Plant Biotechnology:

  1. Plant biotechnology
  2. Plant immunity
  3. Plant molecular biology and genetics
  4. Plant nutrition
  5. Plant physiology

Molecular Biology

  1. Applied protein engineering
  2. Cell biology
  3. Immunology and signal transduction
  4. Molecular biology and biochemistry
  5. Molecular medicine


  1. Computational biology
  2. Structural biology
  3. Computational genome analysis